4 Lighting Options for Home Improvement Projects

When it comes to home-improvement projects, one of the primary places that people look for inspiration is in the category of lighting. Even if you don’t improve anything else, just adjusting how the light hits different parts of your home can make all the difference in the world. You do have to be smart about it, and sometimes you need some trial and error in the process, but people are almost always happy with the eventual results.

Several options with lighting are immediately available for your home improvement concepts and designs. You can add indoor LED lighting. You can add exterior lighting to highlight the outside of your house. You can use windows and mirrors to your advantage to add light to her room. And you can adjust shades and awnings as a final way to incorporate outside light into your desired goal.

Indoor LED Lighting

Installing indoor LED lighting is a cost-effective way to really change the look and feel of a room. LED lighting can go in standard lightbulb fixtures. Or, you can use LEDs underneath countertops or along the edges of the walls. You can put LED lights anywhere you might want to add mood lighting, as they can change colors and dim. And, especially when it comes to holiday decorating, LED lights can be your best friend for seasonal reasons.

Exterior Lighting

If the outside of your house looks a little shabby when the sun starts going down, maybe what you need to do is put some exterior lighting in all the right places. A few appropriately placed spotlights can make a huge difference in the overall look of the front yard especially. If you have a decoration or flag in your front yard, adding exterior lights will really make that pop out as a positive element as well.

Windows and Mirrors

You don’t necessarily have to add lights to contribute to a home improvement lighting project either. Instead, think about the shape of your windows. Can you possibly add larger ones? Can you clean the ones that you have? Would there be any way to add mirrors to improve the lighting in a room? Those are questions that may be easy to answer with a little bit of trial and error.

Shades and Awnings

A final way to utilize the concept of lighting along with a home improvement project is to take a hard look at your shades and awnings. The right shades and awnings at the right angles in the right places at the right windows can make a huge difference in your overall lighting feel. It may not be the least expensive option, but it will give you seasonal efficiency when it comes to sunlight and temperature control, and also give you a chance to create the kind of color and texture theme that you want inside and outside your home.