What to Buy Your Neighbour for Christmas

Having a friendly neighbour is something to be grateful for this Christmas. They are the ones that collect your packages when you’re not home and invite you in when you’ve locked yourself out. But what should you gift your neighbour when you want to do more than exchange Christmas cards? Here is a list of ideas for what to buy your neighbour for Christmas. A small gift can already be meaningful.

  1. House Plant

Have you seen your neighbour gardening? Or have they commented on the pretty flowers in your windowsill? A house plant will brighten up any room. When choosing a house plant for your neighbour, consider the lighting the house receives. Think about the lighting in your own house for easy comparison. You can choose to give them a Christmas time plant such as the poinsettia or an all seasons plant such as succulents.

  1. Oven Mittens & Kitchen Towels

You can never have enough towels for in the kitchen. Somehow, whenever you need them, they’ll be in the laundry. Do your neighbour a favour and give them a set of kitchen towels with matching oven mittens. With oven mittens and kitchen towels you need to worry less about finding the right print and colour. These are kitchen essentials that will be gratefully put to use regardless. Have a little laugh with your neighbour and choose a funny print.

  1. Chore Vouchers

If you have elderly neighbours, helping them out with the more laborious chores will show true neighbourly kindness. This is a gift that your kids can get involved with too. This Christmas gift will teach your children about charity and sense of community. Browse online for voucher templates that you can easily customise. Think of chores that you and your kids do regularly but your elderly neighbours may be less fit for. Doing their grocery shopping, cleaning the windows or shovelling away the December snow are good examples. Anything you can think of to lighten their load.

  1. Christmas Baskets

Gift baskets for Christmas should be your go-to Christmas gift. Christmas Baskets are a versatile gift because there are so many options in any budget range. A gourmet Christmas basket is an especially suitable gift for a neighbour that lives alone. Where most people will gather with family during the holidays, some don’t have that opportunity. Don’t let your neighbour miss out on all the delicious treats that come with Christmas by gifting them a Christmas basket filled with culinary goodness.

  1. Snow Man Kit

If you live in a region that is blessed with a white Christmas, a snow man kit is a fun Christmas gift. When you and your neighbours both have kids, this is also a great chance to have them play outside together. A snow man kit will usually come with a hat, scarf, buttons and a carrot to resemble a nose. Let the kids get some fresh air while the adults share a cup of coffee.