How to begin a career as a Real Estate Broker

Each year, many decide to take the challenge and begin a career as a real estate broker.

Moreover, why not? Property values remain high, and thus real estate always remains a profitable business as populations increase, so employment is abundant.

Is this career as safe as it sounds?

Why be a real estate broker?

With millennials and younger people put off by buying, some might argue that real estate is no longer a safe career choice. Do millennials care about their savings and wish to save in the first place? It appears that there is a growing gap between average wages and house prices in the UK. Making young adults believe that they can never retire, as they have to save a fortune merely to pay the deposit on an average-priced house.

Although the real estate market is never 100 per cent predictable, it still offers some great career possibilities and desirable jobs. A real estate broker is one of the professions that can easily tick the boxes of a situation many of us have been looking for – salary, career growth and the potential for other perks including setting up their own real estate business.

Firstly, each day is different.

Many of us despise routine, it demotivates us and makes us feel low on energy. Real estate brokers spend a lot of their time communicating, planning and being socially active to increase sales. High enthusiasm and optimism are much needed to succeed in a real estate career and achieve excellent results. Although the job is perceived to be mostly office based, real estate brokers must visit the properties and meet potential buyers, which makes this more exciting and variable than many other professions.

Secondly, the work schedule is very flexible. Real estate brokers plan most of their program themselves. Allowing more freedom and is probably one of the traits of a fulfilling job – to be able to manage their own time.

Thirdly, real estate is considered a business you could smoothly progress and make money in. There are plenty of choices: you can either work in an agency or do it as a side job. With enough business experience, real estate brokers can expect a starting salary of £25,000 rising to £60,000, plus commission. If applicants have no experience, but plenty of energy and a positive attitude then there are many willing real estate firms ready to hand out opportunities to ambitious young people hungry for success.

How to start a career in real estate?


In the UK you don’t need a degree to become a real estate broker. Still, there are many courses you should consider applying. They often end with an exam, meaning if you pass you will receive a certification.

This will raise your stakes and suitability to real estate agencies. Plus, it makes you more trustworthy, which is one of the vital aspects of primarily any business. If you are blessed with excellent organisational and communication skills, the more, the better. These skills are beneficial, as being a real estate broker requires a lot of independent planning and personal goal setting.

Get to know the market 

As said, there is no law or management degree necessary to become a real estate broker. However, what you surely need is to know how the market works.

Everyone knows the real estate market can have its highs and lows from time to time. There is no doubt you’ll benefit from keeping yourself up to date with regulations, current housing laws and market news. In fact, being aware of current trends in real estate is often a broker’s job responsibility. Additionally, regularly reading real estate related books and blogs is a sure way of becoming more confident in the business.

Be active in social media

As it is with all businesses now, social media has a significant role to play. Being a real estate broker, your goal is to be easily approachable and socially active to get as many potential clients as possible. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on are your best friends when communicating and advertising. Begin using them on a daily basis if you haven´t already!

Work on your vibe 

Have you met a successful real estate broker who is reserved and negative?

Didn´t think so.

This business is all about communicating and knowing how to sell, convince and offer the best solutions. There are many characteristics that real estate brokers typically have including happy, outgoing, confident and helpful.

These traits are especially important in the early stages of your career. Do not forget about your appearance as well, looking smart and professional makes you more trustworthy.

Sound like you? If so, then a career in real estate may be just what you are searching for!

David Bailey-Lauring is a small business owner from Brighton, UK and writes about entrepreneurship and finance.