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Vital Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Negl …

There are some things around your home that just have to be done from time to time to preserve the integrity of your property.  If you don’t want your home to break down in ten years (or less), it’s in your best interest to properly maintain…... >>>

Christmas Season

The Christmas season is just around the corner. Being a time of thoughtfulness, cheer, and joy, it is best to start Christmas preparations now before the pressure begins. Christmas is the best time of the year to send warm messages of love and care to your…... >>>

What to Buy Your Neighbour for Christmas

Having a friendly neighbour is something to be grateful for this Christmas. They are the ones that collect your packages when you’re not home and invite you in when you’ve locked yourself out. But what should you gift your neighbour when you want to do more…... >>>

Home insurance FAQs

Am I obliged to have home insurance? There is no legal obligation to protect either your home or its contents against the risks of loss or damage – although, given their likely value, it is clearly a prudent course of action.... >>>

Ready to Retire? Here’s 4 Things You’ll Need t …

People who reach the age of retirement are not always prepared for what’s to come. Even with savings in place, many have not truly thought about how much they’ll need to spend each month, what future expenses could come along, and just how tough retirement can…... >>>

Be Prepared for YOUR Windfall

Today I’m going to walk you through the fundamentals of an exercise you might find a little strange, but it’s a very important lesson to learn either way. We’re going to dissect the elements of what it means to prepare for a windfall, in other words…... >>>

An interactive retirement quiz – from UK pri …

Few people may actually know how much they need in their pension pot, in order to retire comfortably and lead the life they desire in older age. Luckily, True Potential Investor has produced their ‘Saving For Retirement interactive quiz’ to help you with your calculations. Visit…... >>>

Borrowing Cash against Your Property

I’m not quite sure if I’ll publish that one before this one, but in another post I go on and on about how the home you buy isn’t really the investment it’s made out to be and by no means is that a contradictory view to…... >>>