How to Design Creative Workspaces

The design of any workspace should be given an emphasis because of its impact on the productivity of the human resources. It’s a fact that employees will perform better if they are working in a well-designed environment. No wonder, Common Desk, a Plano virtual office and coworking space, is a popular choice amongst freelancers and entrepreneurs. It’s a space that makes use of aesthetics to foster creativity and productivity.

In the rest of this post, we will tackle some of the design fundamentals for a creative workspace. Whether for a coworking space like, corporate headquarters, or even home-based offices, these principles can be applicable.

Build an Open Area 

An open area fosters better communication in an office. It’s a place where employees can have human interaction, providing them with the opportunity to take a break from what they are doing. This can also be a space where the members of the management can get to know better the people who are working for the company.

Make It Homey 

We love the feeling of being at home. It’s our comfort zone. We feel relaxed. What if you could bring the same experience in the office? This will have a positive impact on the performance of the employees. One way to do this is to post pictures from team building activities and company events. This will make employees feel that they are with their family. It’s also important to make the office feel as comfortable as possible. Employees must also be allowed to bring personal items, even their pets.

Have Common Workspaces 

In a traditional office, up to 60% of desks can be removed. Gone were the days wherein the policy is that one person should have one desk. Nowadays, workspaces have a common area where employees can work. A communal table is a common feature in many offices instead of desks that are partitioned for privacy. This is good as it ca also encourage interaction between employees to improve relationships in the workplace.

Use the Right Colors 

In designing a creative workspace, let the colors do the talking. From the paint of the wall to the color of the furniture, make sure that it’s going to positively impact the mood and productivity of the workers. Natural and bright colors are also good. They are cheerful and will bring energy to any space as against dark and dull colors.

Infuse your Brand 

Branding strategies should go beyond business cards and marketing materials. The workplace in itself should be a reflection of the brand, the personality of the company. From the wallpaper to the decors, everything must speak of your brand, even the color scheme.

The appearance of your workplace can be a foundation of corporate culture. For this reason, the management must emphasize the importance of designing creative workspaces. It should not only please the eye, but it must also encourage productivity and make employees feel comfortable.