Does Your Home Need a Wi-Fi Range Extender?

You’ve just set up your home office using gears and computers that you got with the Dell coupon code. Your Wi-Fi router is set up well, and the internet connection is reliable. Everything is great until you go into another room and the Wi-Fi signal is gone. What is wrong with the internet? Is my Wi-Fi not working? You go back into your home office to find the signal is working great again. Then it strikes you: The rest of the house is a Wi-Fi dead zone.

A Wi-Fi range extender is a cheap and reliable option for rectifying dead zones. It is easy to install and set up in your home. You find a relatively good spot, not too far from the router and not too far from the dead zone, and you plug it in.

Next, you sync it with your router by pressing the WPS button. Wi-Fi range extenders work by giving your network a boost. They receive the wireless signal from your router and rebroadcast it into your house. When do you need a Wi-Fi range extender?

Do You Have Wi-Fi Dead Zones Inside the House?

A place where you do not receive a Wi-Fi signal or the reach is minimal is called a Wi-Fi dead zone. Wi-Fi can be excellent in the room where the router is until you get into corners or further into the house.

This could be the rest of your house if your router is in the home office or the home office if the router is somewhere else in the house. This occurs because Wi-Fi signals weaken with distance.

Do You Want Wi-Fi Outside the House?

You will likely find poor Wi-Fi signals in places outside the house. These could be the balcony, the backyard, the patio, or the deck. Having Wi-Fi in these places is useful during the summers for enjoying time outdoors. You could be on the patio taking in fresh air or gardening in the backyard soaking in the sun.

Do You Want to Improve Wi-Fi Coverage in Your Large House?

If you have a large house with multiple floors, you will need a Wi-Fi range extender. If the router is set up on the ground floor, you can increase the coverage vertically to reach the upper floor rooms. A Wi-Fi range extender can work exceptionally well for the rooms directly above it. The Wi-Fi signal travels in all directions, so you can extend it vertically and horizontally.

Do You Have Slower Wi-Fi Than Ethernet?

If you have a wired connection as the source of your Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi is slower than the ethernet, it is most likely that you need a Wi-Fi range extender. The Wi-Fi range extender will help correct this by boosting the signal evenly throughout the house.


If dead zones in your house are a constant source of frustration, a Wi-Fi extender is for you. It can give you the crisp signal that you need. You will find affordable models, and you need not get the same brand as your router. Different brands will work just fine. It is an investment worth considering to beat bad Wi-Fi signals.