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RFHomeSolutions is an accessible website to all visitors and actively encourages every single one of its readers to contribute towards its progression. The way I believe this can be achieved for the good of the broader community is by submitting a guest blog post to the site. Therefore, I have put together some advice and guidance below to give you a clearer idea of what I am looking for in a blog piece as well as how to structure and submit to the site.

Look through the tips and suggestions and, when you are ready, get in touch with me through the below form to discuss submitting your work.

Contribute to My Blog

If you have some expertise in any area of real estate or the broader business world, then you are the type of person I am looking for to write and submit a guest blog post to RFHomeSolutions. If you have worked in a similar environment and can offer a breadth of knowledge on any of the categories that the website promotes, then you are also the type of person I am looking for.

In short, your language skills and overall presentation is not under scrutiny here, I just want your valuable knowledge and advice – as do 12,100 visitors to the website! This website has grown progressively in a short space of time, and the numbers continue to grow daily. If your blog post can offer these visitors a clear and concise article on a relevant subject, then this is the place for you to showcase that work.

Current Topics of Interest Available on RFHomeSolutions

Though the real estate market is vast, I have managed to offer what I feel is a reasonable selection of categories for blog posts. I know that in time this section of the website will grow but for now I feel this is an adequate list of topics that RFHomeSolutions visitors are interested in reading further about:

  • Business News
  • Big Companies and Corporations
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Small Business
  • Financial News
  • Credits and Loans
  • Forex
  • Investment
  • Making Money
  • Personal Finance
  • Stock Trading
  • Real Estate
  • Mortgages

A Sample of Potential Blog Post Titles for Guidance

I have included here a list of blog post titles for you to consider getting an overall idea of what it is that the visitors to RFHomeSolutions are looking for when they search for common articles:

  • Who are the best mortgage providers for first-time buyers?
  • What should I be aware of when trying to sell my home for the first time?
  • Which type of property is most suitable for my family’s needs?
  • How to access professional help when buying small business premises.
  • How to begin a career as a real estate broker.

This is merely a simple suggestion to help you make a start and get those creative writing juices flowing. Hopefully, the list of topics above is enough to give you a head start. However, as the website continues to grow and attract more and more people to its pages every day, I will shortly be adding extra categories as they become relevant and requested. If you have any suggestions regarding what types of topics the website would greatly benefit from, don’t hesitate to let me know.

The more aware I am of the most popular topics that the community would like to read about, the more likely I am to offer an all-around satisfying website experience for every member of this site.

Who You Will be Writing for When You Write for My Website

The visitors to RFHomeSolutions vary significantly in age and status. However, they all share the one common goal, and that is to access a variety of information and guidance on the real estate market and beyond.  Therefore, your blog post piece needs to be tailored towards offering quality information and advice and tips that are relevant to the above categories. The website’s readers want fresh, relevant and up-to-date content that matters to their unique circumstances. They want to be able to read a blog piece that is constructive and encourages them to implement its words into their own lives.

Above all, you are writing for an audience that clicks onto RFHomeSolutions to find content that can’t be accessed anywhere else and where everything needed is all in the one place. If you think you have what it takes to satisfy the needs of this community, then the 12,100 plus members are just waiting to read what you have to say!

Write and Publish Your Post Here for Further Acclaim

For each writer who makes a blog post contribution to RFHomeSolutions, I will ensure that you get the acclaim that you deserve. Firstly, for every article which is written by somebody other than myself, I will place your name next to it, so everyone can see it was all your own hard work. I will also offer you the chance to say a little something about yourself and your background. Then, if you would like, I will mention a link to your social media account whereby anybody reading your article, who is interested in finding out about the person behind the words, can find out more about you.

How to Submit a Guest Post to My Blog

If you have an idea which you would like to run past me first before you go ahead with your blog piece, then contact me, and I will discuss the possibilities and potential category with you in further detail. Even if you aren’t yet too confident at the thought of submitting a post to the site, drop me a line, and I can answer any possible doubts that you may have and put your mind at rest!

Alternatively, if you have already written up your blog post and are itching to send it, don’t hesitate use the below contact form and we can look at getting the ball rolling as soon as possible. Getting your post published is the easy part, and I will handle all the technical side of the process. All that remains is for you to get your words written down and sent to me. Arranging a blog guest post on RFHomeSolutions really is that simple!