Stylish Shading Solutions for the Modern Home

Modern home design, and indeed décor, is all about functionality, convenience and style, and with composite materials that look absolutely stunning and will remain that way forever, comfort and convenience are assured. We Australians consider our terraced area to be an integral component of the living environment, and shading is always an issue. Whether to go for a traditional steel and timber permanent roof, or to have something modular, is something to consider, and with state of the art retractable roof systems available today, you can choose your preferred shade setting at will. It is nice to sit in the early morning sun, and rather than move your favourite chair, simply hit the remote and the roof will retract or extend, as required.

Retractable Roofing Systems

If you’re going to the trouble of having an additional roof over your patio area, there are customised retractable roof systems in Melbourne that offer a stylish and very durable shading solution, and with a motorised unit, adjustment is effortless. We all remember the days of the rope and pulley canvas canopies that provided terrace shading, and happily, we have come a long way since then, with modular roofing systems that come in a range of attractive colours – thanks to powder coated aluminium – there’s something to blend with every type of garden environment. Once the unit is in place, you can say goodbye to that constant shading battle, and enjoy the luxury of remote operation.

Folding Arm Operation

The most popular type of retractable awning uses the folding arm principle, which pivots inwards as the roof retracts, and when the awning is fully retracted, there are no unsightly ropes or pulleys, as the mechanism in encased in a tailor made aluminium box, and when the unit is fully extended, you have a stylish covering that will give you the perfect shading for many years to come.

Permanent Solutions

It’s worth bearing in mind that this type of structure would come with at least a 5-year warranty, and such is the design, there’s very little that can go wrong. This would also add value to the property, as it is a permanent fixture that is designed to blend in with the surroundings, and with the right system, it really is a fit and forget solution.

Create an Al Fresco Ambience

Stylish fabric options allow you to match with the existing surrounds, and with the right garden furniture and some matching window awnings, your leisure area will offer the ideal Al Fresco dining experience. A single awning can span up to 9 metres, and with a 3-metre roof extension (more if you add an extra arm), you can shade a large area with ease. You might be thinking this will cost you an arm and leg, yet with free installation, a retractable roof is the most cost-effective way to provide year round shading, and won’t strain you financially. If you’d like to solve your shading once and for all, yet this isn’t the best time financially, an interest free loan could be available, if you find the right supplier, and with no deposit, you can enjoy the benefits today and spread the payments over a few months.

Free Expert Evaluation

If you’re really not sure how best to provide effective shading solutions for your exterior living space, an online search should bring up a list of local suppliers, who would be happy to give you a free assessment, and you might be pleasantly surprised to find an affordable and permanent shading solution.