How to Throw a DIY Music Festival

Now that summer is here, you may be one of the millions of people who will be travelling far and wide to ne of the hundreds of festivals that are taking place all over the world.

If you’re not, due to lack of funds or other reasons, then you don’t have to miss out on all the fun! There has been a rising trend of people throwing their very own festivals in their backyards or in public parks.

It’s a great trend that really isn’t that hard to execute with a little know how from the experts.

Here are all the main components you’re going to need to throw your very own DIY festival.

State of the Art Sound System

What’s a music festival without any, well, music? Once you’ve got the line up sorted, you’re going to need a way to let all of your audience hear them.

If your budget isn’t crazy big, there are plenty of ways to do this at a fraction of the cost. Amazon does some great, large speakers that can be hooked up to most standard audio equipment that bands use.

Just make sure you do a little research into the placement of speakers at a festival so you don’t get any unwanted feedback, as well as getting the best sound for everyone who’s attending.

Digital Signage

If you’re having a larger scale festival than just a few friends at your house with a band, then it may be worth investing a little in some digital signage so that everyone can get a good view of the action!

ExpoMarketing are responsible for plenty of amazing trade show displays and, although their digital signage is limited, they have some amazing portable displays and pop up lightboxes that can certainly add an extra flair to any DIY festival you’ll be putting on.

Food, Food, Food

With festivals comes drinking, with drinking comes the drunk munchies. Plus, if people are being entertained all day, they’re going to build up a healthy appetite.

Now, the food offerings you put out will depend on the scale of the festival that you’re throwing. If it’s just you and a few friends, then try whipping up a monster chilli and dish it out in polystyrene bowls.

If it’s a little bigger, then consider renting out a food truck and hiring some staff to man it.

Having an authentic burger van at your festival is a sure fire way to give your festival a really genuine feel.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Organising anything can be stressful, but the whole point of organising a festival is so that you can enjoy it at the end!

So once everything is out of the way in the run up, allow yourself to revel in the success that you’ve created. Make sure you have a team of great people around you who can help you to run the event smoothly, choose those who always have your back and are always able to pick up where you left off.

Most importantly though, dance to the music, drink the beer, eat the food, have a good time!