Top 5 Inexpensive Ideas For Home Renovation That Offer Best Returns

Are you thinking about the home renovation projects to invest in that entail the maximum return on investment (ROI)? Should you get the staircase repaired, build an energy efficient interior or spend money on getting appliances that save your utility bills every month. Whether you are a homeowner with a meager budget or a real estate consultant looking for top money-saving home improvement ideas, the following projects are great for some inspiration and good returns on your investment.

Install fiberglass insulation

Getting a fiberglass-insulated attic will only cost you around $1,200 to $2,000. It is a fantastic way to uplift the overall vibe of your condominium. Although it might not be as exciting as building an outdoor pool or a custom-made family album from Mixbook’s photobooks, it is definitely productive from the cost-benefit perspective. Studies suggest a 107% return on your invested amount through this home improvement idea along with good money savings on your utility bills.

Have Fresh Vinyl Siding Installed

Getting new vinyl siding for your home is a very inexpensive and productive DIY improvement idea. It is both lucrative and beneficial. Expect to pay around $12,000 for this renovation but it will come handy when you plan on selling off your place. If your present siding is good enough, you might want to avoid this idea. However, a new one will get you around 80-85% returns on resale. I recommend you select natural earthy hues for your vinyl siding like beige or clay with dark shutters. Such themes tend to hide away grime and add to a more elegant vibe.

Get Your Front door Replaced

A magnificent design for a front door not only adds to the natural aesthetics of your home but also steps up its overall value. This will come handy if you ever choose to sell your condominium. Costing around $1,500 to $2,500, this home renovation project can get you up to 90% returns. Search popular designs for front doors with a matching theme or stately stone veneer versions that are preferred by most buyers, homeowners, and real estate officials.

Remodel Your Garage Door

Have your garage door redesigned with vibrant new design patterns that enhance the exterior’s aesthetics. Choose attractive timber options or carriage-style door designs for a contemporary look. The renovation will cost you around $2,300 to $3,000 only, which is great if you have a meager budget. Also, make sure your garage door design includes windows, as these tend to add to the ROI. With a nice design, you would be easily able to snag around 80% of your investment on resale. You could even check Only Reviews for some cheaper options for materials.

Get Timber flooring

I would suggest you use a nice remodeling app to check out cool hardwood or timber flooring options and research for inexpensive designs before you divvy up any bucks. If you have laminated floors or carpeted décor, then consider switching to timber flooring. It will cost you around $5,000 to $6,000 only and provide up to 90% returns. Avoid using designs consisting of engineered wood products because they are not reliable and can affect your condominium’s decor and value in the long term. Go for durable options like oakwood or American wood; these are favorite amongst the majority of homeowners.