Top Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off In The End

Purchasing a house and making it your own are a couple of the most exciting milestones in life.  Working on your house as your family and life grow and extend is the next step in your home owning adventures.  

It’s important to choose improvement projects for your home that will add value as well as personal comfort for as long as you occupy the property.  Make your blood, sweat, and tears worth the shedding. Here are a few home improvement projects that are known for bringing in the highest payoff.

Minor bathroom remodel

Sprucing up the bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, in perspective.  If you invest around $10,000 in this highly frequented space in your home, you will gain more than a one hundred percent return on the spent dough at resale.  

Scrape off that old, tacky wallpaper, and get to work on a fresh coat of paint.  Equip the floors with non-skid mats in strategic locations to avoid hazardous slips and falls.  

Do as much of the labor yourself as possible, and you’ll actually turn a notable profit on the upgrade.  Reglaze your bathtub (if possible) for a more affordable way of sprucing up one of the most frequented rooms in the home.

Landscaping is always worth the work

The curb appeal of your home is the first thing homebuyers will see when you decide to sell your property in the future.  Investing in landscaping around the yard will always draw a hundred percent return on investment.

Add a splash of color around the front of the house with a few varying perennials.  Vary colors and heights of your additions for maximum effect on the aesthetic of your property.  

Do a few things around the kitchen

Without breaking down any walls, you can revive your kitchen, and reap the benefits at resale.  It is actually more beneficial, financially speaking, to do a partial remodel of your kitchen than to go all out redesigning things.  

Invest in your kitchen’s cabinets, drawers, sink, and fixtures.  Add some affordable countertops and resilient flooring, a new coat of paint, and some fresh lighting to the space.  Your kitchen will be more workable, and potential homebuyers will love the practicality of the improvements.

Exterior improvements are smart

You can regain up to 95 percent of your investment when it comes to exterior improvements on your home.  A fresh coat of paint or new siding will always do your property good.  Consider updating your front entry way, and repair any cracks in the pavements or walkways.  

Finish or convert the attic or basement

Adding extra, livable space to your home’s floor plan is always beneficial to your equity.  You’ll have the opportunity to retrieve around 90 percent of your investment by finishing or converting the attic or basement of your home into a comfortable space.