A Peaceful Vacation is Waiting for You in Missouri

The best medicine for surviving the city or busy life is a peaceful vacation. Land is available for a vacation home at a reasonable price in Missouri. Some people think they have to have a second home in some trendy area. This is just not necessary. Home and fun are where you make it with your family and friends. Having a little lake house surrounded by nature is more attainable than you think.

A State Less Traveled

Missouri is located between Kansas and Illinois in the Midwest. It is becoming one of the last United States frontiers that have not been overrun by yuppies or silicon valley start-ups. There are great places to have a second home in Missouri where you can enjoy the green summers and cool lakes. Land for sale in Missouri is not hard to find for a great second home to vacation to. What better feeling is there than to hop on a plane and be somewhere else, but still in the comfort of your own home.

Saving Money Overtime

Traveling to new places is fun, but traveling to a place where you are comfortable and in control is priceless. Over time, you can even save money by having a vacation home on a lake in Missouri or any one of the midwestern states. Investing in a vacation home gives you a solid investment in the land and the home. You can drive or fly to your vacation home for not too much money any time of year. You can buy groceries while on vacation at your own home saving on eating out. You are paying yourself when you vacation instead of someone else when you own your own vacation home.


Over time, you can add great things to your vacation home, like a boat dock. You can have a small powerboat or just canoes and kayaks if that is your pace. In Missouri, there are the Ozark mountains that provide endless natural entertainment. Miles of lakes, mountain trails, and swimming holes. So with your vacation home, you can build up your own little entertainment compound and then venture out into the state of Missouri for amazing natural experiences.


In places where there are many people and it is popular, most people spend half their life waiting. Waiting in the fast food line, waiting at the stores, and waiting in traffic. It is worth it and bearable sometimes, but it is healthy to get away from that frustration. Places like Missouri and the Midwest can offer you a chance to have a conversation with someone because there is no one else around except you and the store clerk. You’ll find people are nicer because they have the time to be. As opposed to clerks in big cities not caring to be overly nice because your patronage is not important to them. There is someone else behind you in line. You can experience the peace of smaller numbers in the Midwest.

Discover Missouri

Once you own a little house and some land, you can take day trips. St. Louis is an interesting city to go to if you have never been. Go see the beautiful Gateway Arch and the Missouri Botanical Garden. This way, if you crave the city life, you are not far away. There are also caverns to explore and many museums to go to. There are several excellent art museums in Missouri. The best things to do, of course, on your vacation are the outdoor activities Missouri provides. You can mountain bike, hike, and enjoy the fresh air.

Having a house of your own in another state is a real mind and money saver. Investing in places like Missouri and the Midwest provide an inexpensive peaceful place to call your own. Places around the country are being overtaken by big money and making it less affordable to have a second home. Missouri is a great place that is still affordable and fun for you to be.