Small Business

Start an In Home Small Business

Naturally, many big, grand, and admirable things usually have a humble beginning. To start a small home business might appear to be an unproductive idea, but the reality of the matter is that it is a very productive idea that might one day grow to an…... >>>

How to Design Creative Workspaces

The design of any workspace should be given an emphasis because of its impact on the productivity of the human resources. It’s a fact that employees will perform better if they are working in a well-designed environment. No wonder, Common Desk, a Plano virtual office and…... >>>

How AirBnB Affects Your Household Insurance

AirBnB is indeed one of the top technology disruptions introduced to any industry, which in this case as you’d know is the property monetization industry that is being disrupted. This affects spill-over markets such as the hospitality industry and a huge chunk of the tourism sector…... >>>