Vital Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Neglect

There are some things around your home that just have to be done from time to time to preserve the integrity of your property.  If you don’t want your home to break down in ten years (or less), it’s in your best interest to properly maintain your property as the years pass.  

If you’re a new homeowner, you may be unsure of what exactly needs to be done to keep up with your home’s regular maintenance.  Take a look at a brief look into a few of the most vital home maintenance tasks you should never neglect, and start exploring your home today.  

Gutters, gutters, gutters

Your gutters are far more important than their aesthetic addition to your home.  Keeping your gutters free and clear of debris extend their functional lifespan. Even more, well maintained gutters will keep standing water away from your home’s basement and foundation.  

Broken down gutter systems will allow water to pool at the base of your home, and can cause damage to your home’s foundation over time.  You can’t fix a foundational issue on your own, so you’ll need the professionals to fortify your foundation.  

Save yourself a heap of money, and buy a ladder instead.  Your gutters will last for decades if you clean them out regularly.  

HVAC maintenance is crucial

Keeping the airflow in and out of your home clear of debris is another key factor in preserving the excellence of your home.  Regularly clean dryer vents of lint.

Dust out vents and change the HVAC filter in your home every three months.  Your family will breath easier, and your HVAC unit will function better for longer.  

Also, you need to clean the dust and debris from your refrigerator coils every four to six months.  Allowing dust to collect in dryer vents or on your refrigerator coils can turn into a fire hazard, but it can also retard the function of your appliances.  

Siding and window maintenance

Cleaning the siding on your home will help keep your home looking better for longer, but it will also maintain the structure of the siding.  Allowing grime to build up on the siding of your home will break down the material and shorten the lifespan of your home’s exterior.

Your windows are also an important maintenance notation.  Make sure to clean the exterior of your windows every once in a while.  Clear out any buildup in the window weep holes, so you don’t have water buildup around your window and possibly cause leaking.  

Check for high water pressure

High water pressure in your home’s pipes can do some pretty costly damage in more than one area of your home.  Regularly check the functionality of your home’s pressure reduction device to avoid the constant replacement of household fixtures.