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4 Ways to Cut Down on Real Estate Business Overhea …

Starting with the obvious places in which to save money Some of the obvious places in which your real estate business can save money have to be mentioned because they can sometimes get hidden in plain view, rendering them not so obvious after all. These include…... >>>

Ready to Retire? Here’s 4 Things You’ll Need t …

People who reach the age of retirement are not always prepared for what’s to come. Even with savings in place, many have not truly thought about how much they’ll need to spend each month, what future expenses could come along, and just how tough retirement can…... >>>

Be Prepared for YOUR Windfall

Today I’m going to walk you through the fundamentals of an exercise you might find a little strange, but it’s a very important lesson to learn either way. We’re going to dissect the elements of what it means to prepare for a windfall, in other words…... >>>

An interactive retirement quiz – from UK pri …

Few people may actually know how much they need in their pension pot, in order to retire comfortably and lead the life they desire in older age. Luckily, True Potential Investor has produced their ‘Saving For Retirement interactive quiz’ to help you with your calculations. Visit…... >>>

Is Your Home Really an Investment?

As a real estate agent myself, looking at this from an us-versus-them point of view would effectively render it a rather threatening question to the livelihood of a typical estate agent, but then again I’m not a typical real estate agent, am I? I strongly believe…... >>>

Spill-Over Careers in the Real Estate Industry

Based solely on my less-than-traditional, unconventional approach to the real estate business, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the typical real estate agent. It was never about trying to be some sort of renegade or anything of the sort, but rather just seeking…... >>>

Fancy Yourself a Property-Flipper?

No, this is not a one-line advertisement which effectively puts me on the market as a potential mate. I’m posing the question in the literal sense, i.e. begging to discuss with you how you should probably go about your business if you wanted to get into…... >>>

Borrowing Cash against Your Property

I’m not quite sure if I’ll publish that one before this one, but in another post I go on and on about how the home you buy isn’t really the investment it’s made out to be and by no means is that a contradictory view to…... >>>

The Best Household Investment If You Have a Baby

Babies need a lot of equipment during the first months of their lives. So, it’s a good idea to collect some money before your baby comes to this world and buy those things beforehand. You also need a lot of space for all that equipment: a…... >>>